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Students enrolled in our school are entitled to Free Tuition under R.A. 10931 Universal Access to Quality Tertiary Education Act. You can realize your dreams without any hindrance. What are you waiting for?


San Mateo Municipal College is committed to academic excellence through quality education equipped with knowledge, right attitudes and technical skills, making the students innovative, productive citizens of the land who have ethical principles to assume social responsibility in meeting challenges of the time in local, national and global society.


San Mateo Municipal College provides access to quality and relevant education thus, preparing the students to become effective leaders, innovative and productive citizens who are responsible and can contribute in the betterment of life in the community.​


San Mateo Municipal College believes in the transformation and betterment of life through quality education of its people. It maintains the standards of excellence in academics, technology and research through community linkages.


All programs are recognized by CHED

Free Tuition Fee under CHED-UniFAST

Scholarship grants from various NGOS.

Graduates are honed with their knowledge and skills to become globally competitive.

As one of the partners of Daffodil University

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This four-year program will develop the ability of the students to communicate and be trained by the industry professionals. This program will enable students to have an in-depth understanding of the English language that corresponds the literature, including language-based communication in all forms and contexts. This includes analysis of casual spoken conversation, text speak, advertising methods or the uses of language in specialized, educational, legal and medical discourse.

The Bachelor of Science in Psychology (BsPsych) is a research-based program designed to provide the students with broad foundation of psychological concepts and principles that will prepare them as psychometricians, behavioral scientists, teachers, and practitioners in Psychology.

Students enrolled in this program will be trained by experts/professionals in this industry to prepare them in this particular field.

The Bachelor of Elementary Education is a four-year program that provides academic and appropriate training for future elementary school teachers through the general education courses, professional education and practice teaching.

The Bachelor in Secondary Education major in English (BSED major in English) is designed to provide students a high-standard learning to prepare them for a career as English teachers in secondary schools and for advancement in any field in which English communication and teaching skills are important.

The Bachelor of Science in Accountancy is a four-year degree program that offers general accounting education to students who want to pursue a professional career in Accountancy in general and in Public Accounting in particular. Thus, this qualifies the graduate of this program to take assessment leading to certifications in Accountancy given by Professional Regulatory Commission – Board of Accountancy (PRC-BOA) and other global professional Accountancy organization.      

This program also complies with the latest competency framework for professional accountants issued by the International Federation Standards (IFAC) through their International Education Standards.

The Bachelor of Science in Accounting Information Systems program prepares the students to the professional field of operational activities, financial resource generation and consumption, value generation, and preservation through a well-functioning information system.  

This program also equips the students in accounting, finance and computer skills in the context of the business, influencing the decisions, actions and behaviors of others and, thus, assisting and/or leading the organization at different levels as per CMO of this program.

This program is a four-year college degree recommended for students who plan to make a career in Banking and Finance Industry. It also aims to help students acquire analytical skills, perception, and competencies necessary for sound financial decision making in the business world.

This program is designed to equip every students with the knowledge and skills for effective marketing and sales strategies regarding how a company determines what product or service to sell, how customers and markets are delineated into target demographics, and the methods of reaching them. The program also focuses on strategic marketing issues which marketing managers assess before findings are presented to their executives. By learning to be an effective marketer and manager, they will learn to respond to the demands of competitors, the government, and larger social issues. Among the concepts and theories that will be discussed are sales management, brand, distribution, e-commerce, franchising, retailing, information technology and corporate social responsibility. 

This is a four-year degree program designed to provide students with knowledge and skills in business management and office processes needed in different workplaces such as general business offices, legal or medical offices. 

Message from the Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Hon. Mayor Cristina C. Diaz

San Mateo; the Biking Capital of the great Province of Rizal.

Mayor Cristina C. Diaz

Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

The Municipality of San Mateo is proud to welcome and also to congratulate students who are now part and enrolled in San Mateo Municipal College (SMMC).  We are pleased to have you here in the institution furthering your next step in your academic career.

For many years, the SMMC has reached its milestone to be well-known as the center of learning not only here in our Municipality but also in the Provincial level. I am very pleased that students proudly choose SMMC among so many alternative options.

Our citizenry enjoys an outstanding quality of life including rich history, cultural diversity, and an incredible array of bourgeoning infrastructures and business developments. We deeply encourage you to experience these wonderful assets in our community so that you will become one with it and in return, you will grow as one of our important contributors.

Above all, it is the hospitality of the people of San Mateo that you will find most appealing. Whenever you go and whatever you do in San Mateo, a warm welcome awaits you.

On behalf of the Municipal Government of San Mateo, our best wishes for a successful academic journey.


Message from Municipal Vice-Mayor

Vice-Mayor Jose Rafael E. Diaz

San Mateo Municipal College (SMMC) students are with diverse ambitions and dreams geared towards their chosen careers, in order for them to continue their education to have a better life.

Whichever path our students choose, our goal is to ensure that SMMC opens the doorway to great opportunities.

Our exciting and innovative academic schemes are our commitment to great teaching and learning. We are proud to undertake this laudable plans to the youth of San Mateo.

Our students prepare for a life-long learning in an age that continues to change with increasing speed. We strive to produce graduates who are an active and engaged citizenry, ready for leadership in their careers and their communities.

With outstanding faculty and staff, excellent academic programs, a well-grounded perspective and a strong community, SMMC is helping our students to become future leaders.

It is my pleasure on behalf of the Board of Trustees to warmly welcome you to San Mateo Municipal College.


San Mateo Municipal College with the Municipality of San Mateo under the leadership of Mayor Cristina Diaz and Vice Mayor Jose Rafael Diaz is building a new campus in Brgy Guinayang, San Mateo, Rizal. In this location, four buildings with four storeys each will rise, together with the Sports Complex. There will be 40 classrooms in all.

The construction of the new campus started last October of 2018. “Hopefully, by next year the first four-storey building will be finished. With it will be the Science laboratory, Speech laboratory and some classrooms” according to Dr. Cinco.

Perspective View of the New San Mateo Municipal College campus.

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