by Kenneth Bobis Pedrajas

Thousands of aspiring future CPA (Certified Public accountants) from different colleges and universities across the country took the CPALE (Certified Public Accountant Licensure Examination) last October 6,7, and 13, 2018. Out of 14,358 CPALE examinees, only 3,616 had successfully passed which reveals that only 25.18 % nailed the ex-am. This result shows how hard the Board Exam was as compare to the last year’s percentage of board passers with a 30% passing rate.

One of the passers who made it to the Board Exam is a product of our institution, Ms. Marife M. Gerodias, who is a life warrior with an inspirational CPA transit story.

Marife is the second daughter of Mr. Rolando Gerodias and Mrs. Mary Anne Mariñas, an Admin Officer of Home Owners Association on their Barangay. Together with her parents and two siblings, she lives in a simple yet happy family. What set her apart from her peers was her dedication to her studies and her clear mindset to achieve her dream, which is to make her parents proud by giving back to them for their sacrifices.

Way back in college, Marife was a consistent Dean’s lister from 1st year to 3rd year and was also a candidate for Cum Laude. But because of her Law subject, she fell short to maitain her standing. This made her dream of graduating with flying colors vanish. Despite of that, Marife kept her faith in God and believed that everything hap-pens for a reason.

As a preparation for the Board Exam, Marife enrolled in CPA Review School of the Philippines (CPAR), wherein she be-came one of the 120 passers in the Pre-board exam. She also did her novenas at St. Jude Parish Church every Thursday and made her personal prayers and petition for 9 days before the exam. She and her dorm-mate even visited six churches corresponding to the six subjects they had for the exam.

Marife admitted that she felt pressured while taking the exam, “ To be hon-est, I really didn’t know how to answer some of the questions on the Board Exam that’s why I skipped them first and answered the other ones. Then, I uttered a pray-er and ask God for help. After that, I went back on the questions that I skipped and answered them” she recalled

Less than two weeks after taking the exam, the result was finally announced in various social media plat-forms and Marife’s Facebook account was flooded with greetings, congratulating her for passing the exam “I just really didn’t know what to feel. I just double checked my name and then afterwards I said to myself ‘I am now a CPA!” All the people around Marife were very proud of her especially her mom who spread the news to her relatives. San Mateo Municipal College gave her a congratulatory message..

Even now that she’s already a Certified Public Accountant, Marife still keeps her feet on the ground. “Even though I’ve gone through a lots of ups and downs in my studies, I choose to forget and over-come those things because they won’t help me grow. Maybe I am destined for this and this is God’s plan for me. To be sincerely honest, I never wanted my course (Bachelor of Science in Accountancy) in the first place, even the board exam; my only goal was just to pass the Law subject. Passing the Board is just a bonus for me. I never dreamed to become an accountant by heart.”

She also left an inspirational message to the students who are dreaming to become a CPA like her, “If you think you cannot, maybe you are not giving your very best, If you failed in one subject or an exam, just don’t lose hope. We all make mistakes but the good side of it, is we learned. Just keep giving your best and earnestly pray to God. Be a fighter, a fighter that em-braces all the challenges in life. Reach your dreams until you get that three- letter title after your name.”

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