ABE Students Present Their Researches at Messiah College Colloquium

by Laarnie A. Atis

Three researches of Bachelor of Arts in English (ABE) got accepted and recognized in the First Under-graduate Research Colloquium of Messiah College with the theme: “Design Thinking and Collaborative Learning”. ABE students Laarnie A. Atis, Mary Grace Mones and Liza B. Yohan, together with their research adviser, Professor Delia Jadaone, presented the research of their different groups in the said event last November 29, 2018.

The presenters of San Mateo Municipal College proudly showcased their research outputs. Laarnie A. Atis presented their research entitled “Change- readiness of the Non-teaching Staff of San Mateo Municipal College”, while Liza B. Yohan give the overview on their research on “Organizational Climate and Faculty Commitment as Perceived by the Faculty of San Mateo Municipal College”, and Mary Grace Mones discussed on their research on the “Level of Competencies in Grammar among 2nd year Students of Bachelor of Arts in English”.

The three ABE students were so proud and thankful to the administra-tion of SMMC as well as to their adviser for giving them the opportunity to represent the school in the event.

Among the other state and local universities and colleges that joined in the colloquium were Poly-technic University of the Philippines (PUP), Techno-logical Institute of the Philippines (TIP), Messiah College (MC), Evangelical Theological College of the Philippines (ETCP) and others. The purpose of the colloquium was to foster exchange of ideas and collective discussion on how the students of different schools can make a better world through research.

Messiah College is the first Intentionally Christian Liberal Arts and Business College in the country. They focus on dis-cipling the mind and heart of their students, engaging the culture, and changing the workplace for Christ. “Intentionally Christian”
means that all faculty, staff, and students are Christians and all subjects are taught with biblical integration.