Since its founding in 2004, SMMC has been dedicated to expanding and sharing knowledge and innovation in the pursuit of educational excellence.​

SMMC’s reach is both the town of San Mateo and province of Rizal. It partners with its hometown San Mateo Municipality to strenghten the town’s community and economy. It links and engages with people and institutions across the country and abroad to improve the quality of life of its clientele through quality education and train them for their future careers in order to become leaders in both local and global perspectives.

San Mateo Municipal College provides access to quality and relevant education thus, preparing the students to become effective leaders, innovative and productive citizens who are responsible and can contribute in the betterment of life in the community.

San Mateo Municipal College is a local college committed to launch a world wide image, as part of its marketing plan to attract quality students with high spirit and thrust towards transformation to modernization, innovative, and in the pursuit of educational excellence.

President and Leadership

Meet Dr. Estrella J. Cinco

5th President of the San Mateo Municipal College who guide our local college.

  • A dedicated educators and public servant.

President's Message

San Mateo Municipal College was established to cater to our students who would like to study and have great opportunities to improve themselves in order to be of help to their families. The school is geared towards excellence and globalization. The teachers are well-chosen in order to deliver quality education, be a board passer, and employed individuals.

Education can be likened to a great canvas and I would like you to throw much paint as you can on the canvas of your education so that you can paint the goals you wanted to achieve in life. 

Your education here at SMMC would be fruitful and meaningful one because we will make you excel in academics with right attitudes so that you can become useful citizens of the land who would be future leader of San Mateo, Rizal.

I extend my warmest welcome to all of you for choosing San Mateo Municipal College to be the molder of your education. Let’s continue to work together, to help one another to be on our best foot for the world.

Discover the major milestones in our 14-year history

How it all began?

The Pamantasan ng Bayan ng San Mateo (PBSM) was founded in October, 2004 under former Mayor Peping Diaz. It started with the help of Dean Narciso Quesada who served as the President that time, Mr. Ramon Epetia as the school administrator, Mr. Augusto Quesada as the school registrar and Mr. Jojo Bonifacio as staff officer. There were 40 pioneer students and 12 professors namely: Dean Narciso Quesada, Mrs. Estrella J. Cinco, Mr. Ramon Epetia, Mr. Augusto Quesada, Mrs. Onalyn Derequito, Mrs. Susana Sacatrapos, Mrs. Corazon Avena, Ms. Fernalyn Salvador, Mr. Glen Guardiano, Mrs. Liza Tan, Mr. Triny Bernardo and Dr. Ferdie Ampunin.

Originally, the PBSM had 2 rooms: 203 and room 204 respectively. Due to the on-going construction of the municipal hall, the Police Department had its office in the same building for almost 4 months from November to February, 2005; until it was transferred to its main office. Through the Career Talk initiated by the leadership of the school administrator, Mr. Ramon Epetia and the former president, Dean Narciso Quesada to the different high schools in San Mateo, the number of students had dramatically increased from 40 to 266 in 2005.Prior to this event the students had their first Christmas Party with Honorable Roberto San Pedro as the Chairman of Education in the Sangguniang Bayan ng San Mateo who also helped in the creation of the Board of Trustees.

The attainment of the vision and mission of the institution has become more intense due to the increasing number of students. Various activities have been conducted such as “Buwan ng Wika” and “G. at Bb. Pamantasan.” Also students were motivated to participate in the celebration of “Araw ng Lalawigang Rizal” and the “Kakanin Festival” which the PBSM won 3rd place in the Street Dancing Competition under the leadership of Mr. Santiago Cruz, professor of English.


Meanwhile, on the second semester of school year 2005-2006, the school conducted the election of officers of the Student Council. Ms. Maria Kristine G. Arnaldo won as the first president of the body. As an initial project, the body sponsored the celebration of the 1st Foundation Day and the blessing of the school on December 15, 2005. On the same day, the Oath taking of officers of the different clubs such as Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants (JPIA), Math Society and Student Council was undertaken.

However, before the school year ended, the conduct of the Fire Drill, in cooperation with the San Mateo Fire Department and Red Cross team of Rizal Chapter led by Mr. Voltaire Serraon had been done possible on March 25, 2006. On the latter part of the school year, a symposium entitled, “Emotional Intelligence” was conducted as the second project of the Student Council. As part of the Skill Enhancement Program, the 1st Literary Week celebration was held from November 27-29, 2006 under the supervision of Mrs. Susana J. Sacatrapos, English Society adviser.

With the unselfish support of the Sangguniang Bayan ng San Mateo under the leadership of the municipal mayor, the Board of Regents and the faculty, the school has gradually created its unique way of serving the youth particularly those deserving but less privilege students.

As it promotes betterment of the youth, it is hoped that more students in San Mateo and other nearby towns will be encouraged to be part of this institution with an affordable tuition fee of P130.00/unit. Furthermore, the faculty which is composed of educators who are graduates of Master’s Degree and Doctorate Degree have affirmed and expressed their continued support in order to attain the ultimate goal of higher education.

Posted in PBSM Gazette, the Official Student Publication of the Pamantasan Bayan ng San Mateo by Maria Kristine G. Arnaldo and Nenia Regidor Volume1 Academic Year 2006 -2007

Administration Leadership since 2004

  • Since 2004 different leadership arises in the administration of San Mateo Municipal College to direct and lead the school in its direction toward excellence. It also mold students to become globally competitive.

Former and Current Chairmen of the Board of Trustees

former and current college presidents