Effective Leadership, Responding To Change

by Vivien Contado

Dean Teresita C. Dela Cruz
AVP for Academic Affairs

To be an efficient dean, one should provide direction, inspiration and guidance – Dean Teresita C. Dela Cruz

To lead with a noble heart is to have a sense of one’s purpose and how to make a change in the lives of others. Dean Teresita C. Dela Cruz has been a wonderful influence so far. She is such a credible person who can sustain the enlistment of others in order to pursue a common goal an efficient dean who provides direction, inspiration and guidance, someone who exhibits courage, passion, confidence, commitment, ambition and most importantly, nurturing the strengths and talents of the students.

She is indeed a woman of substance. Able and hardworking, she believes in the words of Subhashini Sriram, Director Hr of Unisy India: “Leaders must always come across as approachable and relatable, and project a sense of confidence and optimism.” According to her, she is open to every student regardless of their attitude and behavior when communicating.

She listens to them first before drawing to any decision and conclusion. She ensures that no student is left behind by giving utmost attention to their needs in their academics through addressing concerns and problems properly like what she did on a problem brought to her office by a fourth year Bachelor of Arts in English student who had a problem in one of his subjects.

She is such a bridge builder who is able to deal with difficult situations and proffering solutions to these.

Asked about her definition of student’s success, she said that it is a result of hard work and achieving one’s goal by being an effective leader, innovative, productive and responsible citizen who can contribute to the betterment of life in the community.

Dean Teresita C. Dela Cruz firmly believes that as a leader, she must establish emotional connection to her staff and all stakeholders. She commends their works through verbal appreciation and sometimes giving rewards even in the simplest way that would make them feel important and part of the institution.

In addition to the fact that her tenacity makes her an efficient Dean, she is guided by the words of President Nelson Mandela that education is the most powerful weapon that can change the world.

This is her philosophy in ensuring that the youths of San Mateo and nearby places will have a better future through the quality education being offered by the school.