Oath-Taking Leadership Seminar and Team Building 2017

WWW.SMMC.EDU.PH | August 4, 2017

In line with the commitment to train and orient student leaders, the Supreme Student Council Officers conducted a school-based Leadership Seminar along with a Team Building Activity and an Oath-Taking ceremony of the new elected officers on August 4, 2017. The participants are the elected officers of the academic and non-academic organizations of the school facilitated by the SSC Officers and coordination of the Psychology 3-B class, of course upon approval of the Office of the School President, the event was successfully materialized.

The venue of the said event was at the San Mateo Municipal College Annex. The activity started at 1:00 in the afternoon, with the registration of participants. The program officially commended at 1:30pm. It started with invocation, followed by the singing of the Philippine National Anthem, the San Mateo Hymn, and Rizal Mabuhay as well as the singing of San Mateo Municipal College Hymn. The Master of Ceremony was Mr. Faisal B. Malawi. Dr. Cinco, the school president, did the opening remarks and led the Oath-taking ceremony. It was something newly elected officers looked forward to as it signifies their official induction to their positions.

The invited resource speaker was a Youth Leader in the person of Mr. Jofel N. Samar. His talked gave emphasis on the three (3) types of leaders; Tinawag (the one who is called), Tinulak (the one who was pushed by his/her classmates or professors) and Tinopak ( the one who wanted to be a leader for fun).To keep the ball rolling, he tried to get the participation of the audience just by having an 3 representatives from each organization, They were asked each to hold two monoblocks and the one who can hold to it till the end will be the winner. The representative of ICIDIC won. Also he stressed on the 3 qualities a leader, the Vision, Integrity and PassionHe shared to everyone that the only thing worse being a leader is having sight with no vision. Like in driving a car, you being the driver, you know your direction but the question is, “Do you have vision?”. What Mr. Joel Samar wanted to emphasize is to be a good a leader is be just like Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, who has a vision, “to change the world”. He also shared that a leader should have integrity. He must do the right thing even if no one is watching. Another is a leader must also have Passion. He said that one can steal ideas but no one can steal execution or passion. Mr. Joel Samar, ended his talk with the questions: “Are you a Leader? Do you have Vision, Integrity and Passion?” and lastly he left everybody with an unforgettable statement, “YOU ARE NOW A LEADER”, it greatly inspired the rest of us.