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San Mateo Municipal College is proud to present its newly-appointed College President, Dr. Teresita C. Dela Cruz.

Having worked remarkably in the field of supervision, Dr. Dela Cruz is truly committed in realizing the goals, vision and mission of this institution. To be a leading local college that produces transformed and future-ready leaders, Dr. Dela Cruz ensures that all students of this college are equipped with academic excellence for them to become holistic individuals; manifesting exemplary performance not just in academics but in any aspect of their lives and carrying the core values of the college.

With the support of her colleagues, the President is optimistic that all policies and regulations, which aim to promote the welfare of SMMC stakeholders and clientele, will be put into practice. She ensures that San Mateo Municipal College will be the home of achievers who are equipped with ethical standards and can positively influence the people within the environment in their own chosen fields. Her major thrusts in her administration are determined to re-establish and re-brand San Mateo Municipal College as a leading institution true to its vision and renewed identity.

In her leadership, Dr. Dela Cruz is dedicated in maintaining firm coordination and collaboration with the Local Government of San Mateo to guarantee the progress of the college, thus enabling it to incessantly deliver the highest quality of education to its clientele. As for the other stakeholders of the college, particularly its employees and faculty members, she is also gearing towards their professional development, in appreciation to their well-being and emphasizing sustainability.

Truly, San Mateo Municipal College is deeply-founded and well-established under its current administration that cannot be easily shaken by trials. The College President, with her Vice Presidents, Deans, Faculty Members and Personnel, will see to it that SMMC remains true to its philosophy of being steadfast in global excellence.

Mission Statement

SMMC is committed in molding students to be holistic individuals honed with academic achievements and technological advancements.


A leading local college that produces transformed and future-ready leaders.


Meet Dr. Teresita C. Dela Cruz


Welcome to San Mateo Municipal College!

On behalf of the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Hon. Mayor Bartolome N. Rivera Jr., Board of Trustees Members, Administrators, Faculty, and Staff, it is my honor and privilege to welcome you in the SMMC family. Thank you for your trust in choosing our institution as your home of higher education. We are pleased to help you in the pursuit of your academic aspirations.

Since 2004, San Mateo Municipal College, one of the tertiary institutions in San Mateo, has equipped its clientele with the knowledge, skills, and right attitudes necessary to unveil their potential and become self-actualized citizens. As the president of SMMC, I am confident that our students will receive the quality education they deserve. We offer diverse programs and opportunities that will cater to their evolving needs and dreams. Through this, our commitment to public service come into reality.

Our passion for serving with excellence, commitment, integrity, responsibility, and dignity is undying. It has become our devotion to transform students, fulfill their dreams, and shape their futures.

Throughout the years, we have believed that it is the right of every individual to have a quality yet accessible education in an environment of learning which is student-centered, present-focused, and future-driven.

At San Mateo Municipal College, as a family, we are all working to bring you a pleasant and rewarding experience. As a SMMCian, we assure that you will receive the services and the support you will need to be successful in your chosen path. Our faculty, services, programs, and resources await you. As our tagline asserts, “SMMC: The Home of Achievers”, we will take steps together to become successful and become achievers in life, no matter what degree program you belong. Your success is also the success of San Mateo Municipal College.

Thank you and God bless!

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San Mateo Municipal College is a local college committed to launch a world wide image, as part of its marketing plan to attract quality students with high spirit and thrust towards transformation to modernization, innovative, and in the pursuit of educational excellence.

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