SMMC Celebrates 13th Founding Anniversary

The San Mateo Municipal College celebrated its founding anniversary last Nov. 27-28, 2017, marking 13 years of not just continuously enriching students values as well as excellence in academics, technology and arts.

The parade started from the Freedom Park up to JFD Stadium. The event grace the celebration of 13th Founding Anniversary of the SMMC. Dr. Estrella J. Cinco, delivered her message welcoming and remembering the old days of SMMC. Mayor Cristina C. Diaz delivers her inspirational message elaborates the achievement of the School from the past 13 years. The celebration continues with the start of the Cheer Dance Competition 2017 with different participants among the different programs of the School –Marketing Management, Education, Psychology, BSA/AT/BSOA and ABE. Declared as the champion was the ABE followed by the 1st Runner up Psychology and Financial Management.

Exhibition Games were also held on November 28, The SMMC Basketball Team vs. SMMC All Star where played. Followed by SMMC Alumni and the 2017 Basketball Champion (Marketers). SMMC Team and Marketers won their match.

Volleyball and Basketball Games result:

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