SMMC Garners High Passing Rate in Bookkeeping NC II Assessment

by Noel Marcelo C. Manongsong

San Mateo Municipal College congratulates the passers of TESDA Bookkeeping NC III assessment conducted last December 14-15, 2018.

Seventeen out of twenty examinees from Bachelor of Science in Accountancy (BSA) successfully passed the assessment, which is one of the highest passing rates for the college.

Bookkeeping NC III is a short-term course that trains the students in posting transactions, preparing trial balance and financial reports and reviewing internal control system. The following brought pride to the school:

Buid, Glenda
Don, Paola Beatrice
Fernando, Micaella
Galit, Rodrigo
Noel, Jerrico
Otilla, Lalaine Mhay
Palenzuela, Ma. Carmela
Reyes, N’Ghel

Antonio, Mary Jane
Bugagao, Joana Mariz
Capellan,Emilwin Ralph
Catubig, Merry Joy
Celecios, Rouan Vincent
Claveria, Ma. Kathleen
Cornelio, Art
Dacuba Joan
Del Valle, Lalaine

San Mateo Municipal College is a TESDA Accredit-ed Assessment Center for Bookkeeping NC III since May 7, 2015.

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